15 Apr 2015

Why we launched TripMode

One day while commuting to work, I used my entire monthly 1GB mobile data plan in 30 min, without even noticing. I was furious. I had to choose between having no mobile Internet for the rest of the month, shell out about $15 to get 1 extra GB, or pay expensive pay-as-you-go fees for mobile data.“ – David

As daily commuters between Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland), Pierre and I regularly faced the issue that our MacBooks used up our mobile data quota faster than it should when connected to our iPhones.

We thought that our Macs were missing a “data saving” feature in the spirit of the iPhone’s Airplane Mode, simple and with instantaneous effect. We needed a way to better handle that unwanted data consumption. That’s why we created TripMode.

Mobile data plan limits easily reached

Nowadays, most of the regular data plans offered by mobile operators have monthly data caps. On the other hand, our data usage is growing exponentially. In fact, our mobile data usage is expected to increase tenfold by 2019, according to Cisco.

Global Mobile Traffic

This is due to cloud applications. They do account for 83% of our data consumption today:

– Dropbox
– iCloud
– Photos
– Software updates
– Google Drive
– etc.

Most of the time we don’t care about “high usage” because we have super high speed WAN.
However, when we use our tethering mode (mobile hotspot) we start to worry about “how much data am I using?” and “am I reaching my monthly limit?”.

No solution for Mac and Windows users

Google Chrome, Opera, Onavo (bought by Facebook) and a lot of other big players are interested in mobile bandwidth consumption. All with more or less complex solution. Most of these solutions reduce smartphone data usage but nobody is taking care of Mac users that are using tethering mode.

Our solution: TripMode

Try TripMode

TripMode allows the user to instantly reduce internet usage while on the go. TripMode is:

1- Easy

It allows you to choose in one click which Mac Apps are allowed to access internet.

2- Silent

It does not ask complex configuration questions.

3- Careful

TripMode silently monitors the type of connection used and activates itself when detecting a mobile connection.

Also important to note: TripMode does not track internet browsing or any private data. We do however monitor how much traffic apps transmit to better understand how we can improve TripMode. We don’t sell data, we’re not in that business and don’t intend to be.

TripMode is our personal side-project to solve our commuting problem. We hope that it will help other commuters, too.

Please feel free to send back your comments and feedback so we can improve TripMode.