18 Oct 2015
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TripMode v.1.0.4 released

We just updated TripMode to v.1.0.4, which brings several improvements and fixes.

It also includes an enhancement that was much requested by developers: loopback traffic support, with finer logic and more cases handled. That means if you’re using Xcode for local development or other local client-server apps while TripMode is ON, you shouldn’t get blocked traffic within these apps.

Release notes:

  • Improved compatibility with apps that use localhost (e.g. development environments)
  • Added support for Arq backup
  • Improved memory and CPU usage
  • Improved stability under OS X El Capitan

The user agreement and privacy policy were also updated.

You can either check for an update in the settings menu, or download TripMode 1.0.4 from here.