25 Feb 2016
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TripMode for Mac v.1.0.5 released

We released an updated version of TripMode for Mac, which includes stability and security enhancements. We also threw in a nice new feature for Android users.

  • Improved automatic activation when connecting to Android hotspots
  • Improved compatibility with apps requiring Apple ID authentication (e.g. iTunes)
  • Improved auto-update security

You may notice that a new checkbox appeared in the TripMode settings screen: Android hotspot settings checkbox

This setting enhances the automatic activation of TripMode when connecting to an Android hotspot where TripMode was ON before.  Some Android devices indeed change their internal settings (e.g. MAC address) each time a hotspot is used, which made TripMode identify it as a new network each time. With v.1.0.5, Android hotspot users don’t need to enable TripMode manually anymore.

You can download a free 7-day-trial version of  TripMode for Mac from here, or purchase it for $7.99 from our homepage. Existing users will be prompted with an auto-update notification. A manual check is also possible from the Settings menu.