22 Jan 2016

TripMode for Windows released

We’re happy to announce that TripMode, the award winning app for Mac, is now available for Windows. TripMode is a laptop app for nomad users, that automatically prevents online backups, auto-updates and other cloud apps from consuming precious data in the background.

TripMode for Windows screenshots

TripMode running on Windows 10 TripMode running on Windows 7

TripMode running on Windows 10 (zoom)  TripMode running on Windows 7 (zoom)

TripMode has been designed to be as simple as possible and is accessible at any time from the system tray.

It has three key features:

  • It blocks Internet access, to prevent unwanted traffic. All apps are blocked when TripMode is on. Only the ones that are selected by the user can access the Internet.
  • It is turned on automatically. Only when it is needed. TripMode remembers which networks it was activated on before, and enables itself automatically when the user is connected to it. No need to dig in menus.
  • It measures the quantity of traffic, to always stay informed. Keeping track of data consumption is key with limited data plans. TripMode displays the MB consumed per app and in total for the session, day or month.

TripMode for Windows has its user interface optimized for the Windows versions it’s running on, enabling users with touch-tablets to easily interact with the app for example.


Pricing and availability
  • Available today as a download on tripmode.ch, compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.
  • Paid version: $7.99 VAT incl.
  • Trial version: Unlimited 7-Days Trial. After the trial is over, users can keep using TripMode for a maximum of 15 min per day. Made for light users.
Full press kit: tripmode.ch/press-kit