07 Jul 2015

How TripMode can save your holidays

This is now the time to be on holidays and travel.

But travelling usually means being out of Wi-Fi range… One easy solution is to use a mobile phone as a 3G/4G modem. Indeed, iOS and Android mobile phones now pretty much all have a mobile hotspot feature (if your carrier allows it).

Using a mobile hotspot is easy but can be expensive. You might have experienced first hand how unnerving it is to get huge data roaming fees just because an app -e.g. an online backup- silently started getting excited about being on the Internet. About 45% of our users primarily use TripMode when traveling abroad. They might have experienced this as well before getting TripMode. We surely did.

And we wanted this to stop.

We developed TripMode to avoid such issues when travelling. With TripMode, one can easily allow applications to access the Internet or not. Everyday, TripMode is blocking hundreds of thousands of connections that try to connect to the Internet and that could generate potential overcharges. That should be something from the past.

You can get TripMode for free with a 7-day unlimited trial, then 15-min per day. www.tripmode.ch, try it.