23 May 2017

TripMode 2 released for Mac

TripMode 2 allows mobile users to save data, save money, and surf faster.

The award-winning data saving app for Mac has been released in a new version, TripMode 2, two years after its initial release in May 2015. It provides peace of mind for users on the go, in the form of a simple setup-and-forget utility. Available today for $7.99, Buy it now.

TripMode 2 profiles, track your data usage per network

What’s new in TripMode 2?

  • Profiles: TripMode 2 can now adapt its Internet access settings per network or situation, to make sure that only the apps relevant to the user can access the Internet. E.g. only allow productivity apps when traveling abroad for work, only allow Safari when streaming Netflix on slow WiFi, or only allow messaging & browsing apps when connected to a Mobile phone’s hotspot.
  • Data limits: ability to automatically block traffic when reaching a pre-defined data limit. No more surprises. Limits can be configured to be reset every day/week/month, to match the user’s data plan.
  • Enhanced apps sorting: new apps sorting options enable easy identification of the apps that try to access the Internet, or the ones that used data the most. Culprits can’t hide anymore.
  • Accessibility and localisation: TripMode 2 was designed with accessibility in mind. It supports VoiceOver and events sound notifications for visually impaired users. The UI is now localised to match the user’s system: English, French, German, Chinese simplified are supported. More languages will follow.
  • Lots of enhancements: the app has also been entirely rewritten and has snappier UI, stronger data blocking, and reduced CPU/memory usage. It is still just as simple to use as the initial release. Review the release notes over here.

TripMode: All traffic can be locked down when reaching a pre-defined limit, to avoid surprises

What is TripMode?

TripMode is a small utility accessible from the menu bar, that prevents apps from pumping data in the background while connected to expensive connections. It’s the simplest way to limit mobile data costs when connecting a laptop to a hotspot.


  • It blocks Internet access, to prevent unwanted traffic. All apps are blocked when TripMode is on. Only the ones that are selected by the user can access the Internet.
  • It is turned on automatically. Only when it is needed. TripMode remembers which networks it was activated on before, and enables itself automatically when the user is connected to it. No need to dig in menus.
  • It measures the quantity of traffic, to always stay informed. Keeping track of data consumption is key with limited data plans. TripMode displays the MB consumed per app and in total for the session, day or month.


TripMode has received a Webby Honoree Award in 2016 the Best Practices category. It was covered by media outlets such as The New York Times, The Next Web, Fast Company, Macworld and Product Hunt.


Pricing and availability

  • Available on May 23rd 2017 as a download on tripmode.ch, or via the auto-update feature of TripMode for Mac v.1.x
  • Minimum requirements: OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, or macOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Price: $7.99. Free upgrade for TripMode for Mac 1.x users. Buy it now.
  • Trial: Unlimited 7-days trial. Limited to 15-min per day after the trial is over. Download the free trial here.


About us

TripMode was designed in Switzerland by a team of 3 entrepreneurs. They have a background in management and technology consulting, e-commerce and software engineering. And they travel a lot.


Press kit with high definition media and more: www.tripmode.ch/press-kit