25 Sep 2017

TripMode 2.1.0 released

Just in time for High Sierra’s release, TripMode got upgraded to 2.1.0 to ensure a smooth experience with the new system. We’ve also added a much requested feature by power users: the ability to edit lists from your profile settings.

That means you can now add, remove, allow and disable apps from your profiles even when you aren’t using TripMode or the selected profile. TripMode 2.1.0 also comes with a series of under-the-hood stability and performance enhancements.

And since you made the effort of coming here to read the release notes, here’s a little secret: type CMD+F from TripMode’s main window, and you’ll be greeted with a search bar. Very handy if you’re quickly looking for the stats of a specific app and don’t want to scroll through a long list. Pictures at the end!

To get the latest update, go in the TripMode About screen and hit the Update button. You can download a free 7-day trial of TripMode 2, or buy it right away for $7.99 only.

TripMode is now also available on Setapp, the Netflix of Mac apps. We encourage you to have a look, even if you already own TripMode. It includes some high quality, hand picked Mac apps (+80 available), and subscription is free for the 1st month.

Manage apps easily from your Profiles Settings

Hit CMD+F when TripMode is open to search for specific apps