Thank you for downloading TripMode for Windows

Your download should start shortly. If it doesn’t, please download the right version for your operating system: Windows 32 bitWindows 64 bit

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Are there known issues with TripMode?
No major issues have been identified so far. If you notice anything unusual, please report it to us here.
How does TripMode save my mobile data?
When TripMode is ON, it prevents all your Windows applications from accessing the Internet but those that have been whitelisted by yourself. It typically stops automatic updates, online backups, Photos syncs, and various obscure apps from consuming precious data. Both uploads and downloads are blocked.
Can I use TripMode with any Wi-Fi or 3G/4G dongle?
Yes. Just turn TripMode ON from the system tray. TripMode should activate itself each time your Windows laptop connects to that network.
How can I allow an app to access the Internet?
Click on the TripMode icon in the system tray (bottom right of your screen), and tick any apps that should be allowed to access the Internet when TripMode is on. All apps can access the Internet when TripMode is off.
Are you tracking my surf data?
No. We log apps traffic volumes to better optimize the solution and that’s it. Information about what type of sites you visit, what content you transfer, etc. is never logged. We take privacy seriously.
How can I uninstall TripMode?
Open “Uninstall a program” and select TripMode. That’s it.