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Frequently asked questions

What macOS / Windows version do I need to run TripMode?
  • TripMode for Mac is compatible with OS X 10.10, 10.11 and macOS 10.12 (fully tested).
  • TripMode for Windows is compatible with Windows 7, 8.x, or 10.
How can I uninstall TripMode?
Quit TripMode, go to your Applications folder and put TripMode in the trash. That’s it.
I can't access the Internet with any apps when TripMode is ON. What's going on?
  • We found out that new versions of Avast, Sophos and other anti-virus apps may intercept all the network traffic (e.g. “Mail Shield” / “Web Shield”). This is usually done to scan traffic for threats or malware. The workaround in this case is to activate the anti-virus apps in TripMode. The will allow the Internet traffic to pass through.
Are there some apps that aren't correctly filtered by TripMode?
  • Mac: We know that TripMode currently can’t filter Internet traffic coming from Virtual Machines in Bridged Mode. This is due to technical reasons. We recommend to use another network mode (e.g. “Shared Network” in the VM settings). If you notice that any other app or service is not correctly filtered by TripMode, please send us a note with the form below and we’ll investigate.
  • Windows:  please avoid using the 32 bit version of TripMode on 64 bit versions of Windows to avoid any filtering issues.