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Understand how your data is used

The key to reducing data usage is to have full visibility. With TripMode installed on each laptop, you understand exactly how the data is used from a single dashboard. You know where in the world your users are spending your companies data allowance, which apps & and users consume the most data, and much more. By seeing into the real time analytics, enterprises know where savings are possible.


Control your costs and productivity

Reduction in data usage is achieved by applying rules, like only allowing business critical software traffic when using an expensive or roaming data connection. All the rest is blocked until the laptop gets back to a regular, cheap network connection.


Protect data package abuses automatically

Your employees are connected to the Internet with different means like iPhone tethering, 3G and 4G USB dongles, MiFi, on-board SIM cards, bluetooth or satellite connections. We have you covered. Our technology detects the type of connection and activates itself automatically.


Protect all your laptops

Whether your users have MacBooks, Windows 7, 8 or 10 corporate laptops and tablets, we have you covered. We support all of these configurations. Our technology is proven, and used by tens of thousands of users across the world, making it a safe choice for your fleet.

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